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Ultimate Iceman Supplements Logo

UFC legend Chuck Liddell needed branding and advertising for his new supplement line, "Ultimate Iceman Supplements." Working closely with his team, multiple versions of the logo were created in Adobe Illustrator, and he and his team ultimately approved the logo shown upper left. Since then, it has been through several slight modifications as it was adjusted for embroidery on his fight shorts (upper right photo), hats, signage, shaker cups, fliers, convention booths, and other promotional items. The logo was also used for his fan headquarters store in San Luis Obispo "Ultimate Iceman."

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American Muscle Sports Nutrition Logo

American Muscle Sports Nutrition of Prescott Valley, Arizona, was a start-up supplement company when they reached out for a logo. They knew they wanted an American theme with an eagle. The final concept, a body builder combined with an eagle, served as a mask for an American flag design within the silhouette. The artwork was completed in Adobe Illustrator. The logo was used for outside and inside signage, and merchandise such as t-shirts and backpacks. Bottom row of photos courtesy of American Muscle Sports Nutrition.

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Prime Logo

This supplement company out of Tracy, California, was also a start up company in need of a logo. They didn't identify any particular direction for the project, so there was freedom to experiment with colors, text and images. The final design was developed in Adobe Illustrator and incorporates an abstract runner behind a bold word mark. The logo was used for signage, shirts and other merchandise, a website, and advertising. Photo courtesy of Prime Health & Nutrition.

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Mike's Barber Shop Logo

This historic barber shop in Morro Bay changed ownership in 2012, and the new owner wanted to create a logo for use on merchandise and advertising. He wanted to keep the nostalgic old barber shop feel. The script font for the final concept is similar to the old signage that remains on the building. The clippers and barber pole were added as timeless elements to keep the traditional barber shop vibe. The logo is used for various channels of advertising, such as screen printing, hats and beanies, lighters, stickers, pens, magnets, banners, a tradeshow tent, and a website.

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Peak Logo

This nutrition company located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was also a start up company when they reached out for assistance with branding. The only request was to use dark blue and gold. I created a mountain peak out of the "A" in Peak, and then added a streak of gold behind the word mark to break up the white space, creating a sense of energy, and mimicking the peak of the "A". I tapered the end of the block of black holding the word "PHYSIQUE" to create unity between that text and the "K" in "PEAK." The company used the logo as their brand logo and produced signage, a website, shirts, shaker bottles and other merchandise with it.

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SLOmow logo

SLOmow, operating in San Luis Obispo, is a professional brush clearing company that was in need of a logo revamp. A variety of concepts were developed, some with green strokes creating a grassy element. However, in the end, the final logo would be without grass, a hilly terrain taking its place. The final logo is comprised of two different font types creating contrast to give each part its own emphasis. The company often works in the beautiful hills San Luis Obispo is known for, inspiring the hill shape, with the excavator shape added opposite the main hill for balance. The logo works with either a light color on a dark background, or vice versa, for ease in screen printing and embroidery. Photo courtesy of SLOmow.

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Estero Essentials thumbnail sketches Estero Essentials logo concepts

Estero Essentials was a start up company providing esthetician services in an established salon in Los Osos, California. The owner contacted me for a logo design. She wanted to convey the concept that her company provides welcoming, personalized service with natural products and is located on the coast by the famous Morro Bay rock. A variety of thumbnail ideas were generated, with the rock as the focal point for the majority of the concepts. Numerous concepts were developed in Adobe Illustrator, using natural, calming, trusting colors and soft, curved lines. The final concepts include a friendly typeface that has the appearance of soft writing in sand.

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