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The Design Process Image


Step one is that initial phone call, text or email. Or maybe you saw me at the grocery store, recognized me from my website picture and stopped me in the produce section. In any case, we have made contact and I am excited to meet you! We can make an appointment to meet in person, or we can correspond via email if that is easier you. This is when I will ask you some basic questions and get an idea of the scope of the project you have in mind.

Say What?

Questions! Once you decide to move forward, I will go over a questionaire with you to gather as much information as possible. We will discuss your target audience, the theme or message you are trying to convey to your audience, and the specs of the project. I will prepare an outline of the project and confirm with you it is consistent with the goal of the project.

Storm the Brain!

Time to get creative! I will send you examples of websites or designs via mood boards, or ask you to send me samples of designs you like. This process helps establish the direction of the project, and from the provided ideas I will create something new and different.

Roughin’ It

Time for some rough ideas. These provide a way for me to get your feedback on the direction the project is going.

Full Steam Ahead

Once I confirm I can continue the route I am headed with the project, I can crank up the turbines and get to work. Once the project is complete, I may perform several revisions before it is finalized.